Fortnite Terminator skins suddenly appear in the PlayStation Store

Go with T-800 if you want to live.

Screengrab via Twitter user ImEntoYT

Hours after a fairly obvious hint at incoming Terminator content, Fortnite skins based on the ’80s movie franchise were discovered by many on the PlayStation Store. With users sharing their proof, it seems the characters coming will be Sarah Connor and the intimidating T-800.

Of those who’ve seen it, prominent Fortnite leaker Ento tweeted out an image of the store’s Free-to-Play section bringing spotlight to this Terminator DLC. At the time of writing, the listing appears to have been removed, but the leak gives off the impression that Epic Games is very close to officially releasing these skins.

Earlier on Thursday, the game’s Twitter account posted an audio clip with the caption, “Target Description: A ruthless machine and a protector of the future,” a fitting description for what players are spotting.

Epic is definitely on a tear to bring in characters inspired by classic films, with Predator joining Fortnite only a day ago.