Future updates for New World will improve quest variety, character customization, and more

Fixes for server transfers are also promised.

Image via Amazon Game Studios

In a recent Dev Blog, Amazon Games has announced several updates planned for New World to address issues playing have encountered since launch and improve the overall experience. These issues include areas such as server transfers, quest design, and representation through character customization.

Currently, there is an issue in the game that prevents players from switching servers using the free transfer token. Though the team insists the problem is not widespread, they have acknowledged it and are looking for a fix. Meanwhile, the post also mentions that server merges are on the horizon. However, we might not see this for a while yet since there are various issues to iron out.

The team has also admitted there is a distinct lack of variety in quests. To rectify this, in future, they plan to include new task types in main storyline quests with more enemy variety and better scaling across the board. Of course, new quests will get added, and the developers say they will be better spread across the game world, meaning players won’t have to traipse for miles to find quest givers and objectives.

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They also plan to add different quest types in the new year, including Tradeskill and Weapon Mastery Quests. These will allow players to enhance both their skills and weapons alike by completing various missions. Similarly, new Expeditions and other features are also planned. They will bring new stories and quests to provide more variety.

Finally, they will incorporate additional customization options for players in terms of looks and styles. They aim to include a mixture of historical and cultural choices alongside other ideas that might not necessarily fit the game’s current aesthetic. Any new outfits, whether masculine or feminine in design, can be worn regardless of body type too. The post also promises additional ways to customize characters, though no specific details were provided.