Genshin Impact Dendro reaction footage leaked

A brand new element is coming to the game.

Image via HoYoverse

The mysterious Dendro reaction in Genshin Impact has still evaded people’s accounts for quite some time, as there isn’t a playable Dendro character in Genshin Impact. But HoYoverse is preparing to roll out the new element sometime soon, as the reactions for the element are currently programmed into the game’s beta version for Version 2.7.

The effects of the Dendro reaction were already leaked ahead of time, giving us a preview of some of the new strategies the element may bring. These reactions included the Hydro + Dendro reaction which makes “Overgrown,” a reaction that spawns numerous mushrooms across the field which explode after some time. There’s also “Intensified” by combining Electro + Dendro reactions, which increases the damage of both elements for a short time.

Now, the leaker Lumie has posted some footage of these new reactions on Twitter, giving us an insight into the new Overgrown and Intensified reactions. While Intensified doesn’t have much visual flair to it, as it simply powers up to two elements (similar to Superconduct), we do see how the Overgrown element will function.

In the video, Overgrown mushrooms drop as Electro shards, presumably as a placeholder. These shards then explode after a certain amount of time, giving us an idea of the area of effect for these mushrooms and the rate at which they drop. Currently, HoYoverse has not given us an official announcement of when these new Dendro reactions will make it to live servers. As this footage comes from a beta test, it’s possible these reactions will change at any moment as well.