Genshin Impact is still in development on Nintendo Switch, says miHoYo PR

Genshin a go go, baby.

Image via miHoYo

MiHoYo has confirmed that, yes, Genshin Impact is “still in development” for Nintendo Switch. Confirmed for Nintendo’s hybrid console back in 2020, fans of the free-to-play open-world action game have been wondering exactly what’s been happening with the Switch port. Thankfully, the port has not been canceled. The development team is merely taking its time.

Speaking to GoNintendo, global PR specialist Xin Yang of miHoYo explained that “the Switch version” of Genshin Impact “is still in development.” Giving little else away, the PR spokesperson added that miHoYo “will release more information as [development progresses] further along.” While there is no update on a release date for the long-gestating Switch version of Genshin Impact, it’s nice to know that it is still being worked on.

Given that Genshin Impact has been playable on various other platforms for a while now, and with no word from the development team, it’s not surprising to discover that some thought the Switch port of the game had been quietly canceled. Hopefully, now that we know this is not the case, we might see the game in action on the Switch sooner rather than later.

Whenever Genshin Impact does grace the Switch, you’ll be needing to know which characters to avoid. Learning what all of the Icons mean should help out before playing, too. Hopefully, the much-delayed 2.7 Update (which has seen the Kamisato Ayaka banner extended indefinitely) will be available before long, too.