Genshin Impact year-end stats show how persistent, or stubborn, its players can be

Against the Oceanid, maybe 76th time’s the charm?

Image via miHoYo

The year-end issue of the Tevyat Times, Genshin Impact’s online community newsletter, was released. This newsletter showcases different stats from all of the Travelers across the multiple Genshin Impact servers.

While other games may have year-end reviews with how many players are in the game, the Tevyat Times focuses on the players themselves and what they accomplish, or don’t in the game. This time around the two highlighted features show not only how persistent some Travelers are, but also how stubborn they can be.

Seriously stubborn Travelers

Most players seek out better loot every time they set out for adventure, but some find a weapon and decide it’s the one for them, no matter how bad it is. According to the Tevyat Times 167 Travelers enhanced Old Merc’s Pal, a 2-star claymore, all the way to Lv. 70. Beyond that, 89 Travelers did the same to the Waster Greatsword, a 1-Star claymore.

Image via reddit u/pootisbeard

Why any player would waste their time upgrading a weapon so weak is beyond human knowledge, however, maybe these players just like the way the weapons look.

Persistence and perseverance

Another story discusses players who struggled with the Oceanid boss fight. After being defeated 76 times by the Oceanid, one player finally found victory. Unfortunately, another Traveler who found defeat 125 times finally gave up. However, one Traveler almost met death with a single party member left alive and only 5 HP, but survived the fight to see another day and some solid loot.

Genshin Impact’s Tevyat Times creates a fun way to look at all of the different accomplishments, or some cases failures, that players have made throughout the year.