Ghostwire Tokyo announced from Tango Gameworks | E3 2019


A new game from Tango Gameworks is coming that will feature many of the elements from their other titles such as The Evil Within.

Ghostwire Tokyo will take place in, Tokyo, Japan, forcing players to deal with the supernatural threats that are infesting the city and terrorizing the populace.

None of the gameplay was shown, but they did mention that it was going to be an action adventure game where the player will need to deal with normal and supernatural characters, missions, and locations. It looks like a proper mix between The Evil Within and Resident Evil, something Tango tried to achieve in The Evil Within 2, but failed to do.

This was one of the few new IP that Bethesda has shown off in recent years, and with no news on when Starfield will actually be coming out, this could be the first to see a release. Tango is known for their high-quality games, even if some of them haven’t sold well, so fans should have something to look forward to soon.

As of now there is no information on a release date or window for Ghostwire Tokyo.