Halo Infinite not ditching Xbox One, 2022 delay reports are “fake,” claims 343 Industries

The studio debunks the latest rumors.

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Image via Microsoft

Halo Infinite is not going to be delayed deeper than 2021 and is not ditching Xbox One, according to 343 Industries.

A recent rumor popped up over Resetera had disclosed details about plans for a Halo: Infinite delay to early 2022 and abandoning the cross-gen scheme that many believe is holding back Xbox Series X from showing its true potential on the game.

“We’re seeing lots of fake ‘leaks’ out there, so please don’t believe everything you read,” community manager John Junyszek told a fan on Twitter. “There are no plans to change our 2021 release or the devices and platforms we’ll be supporting.”

When asked about dropping Xbox One support for Halo: Infinite, Junyszek added that “we’re building Halo Infinite to be the best it can be on each device/platform.”

It’s not a surprise that 343 Industries comes out with such statements, but it’s worth noting that their debunks had been debunked previously. A rumor that Halo Infinite could end up opting for a split release has been around for a while, and the studio has always denied it, while the head of Xbox has just confirmed¬†they were close to doing so¬†before delaying the game.

So, while we don’t have details and can’t verify the rumor, there’s a chance this is not out of the table when it comes to outlining the Halo: Infinite’s future.