Hitman 3 servers are down for maintenance ahead of Year Two’s launch

The maintenance will last four hours.


Screenshot by Gamepur

IO Interactive has announced that it’s taken Hitman 3’s serves down for four hours of maintenance ahead of the launch of Hitman 3 Year Two later this week. The outage will affect all platforms, meaning no one can access the game’s online features.

Hitman 3 Year Two launches on January 20, but the game’s servers need to be updated and tested before that can happen. IO Interactive is notorious for scheduling a short period of maintenance that ends up taking far longer than anticipated. However, performing this crucial maintenance this far in advance of the new content’s launch should mean that Hitman 3 Year Two releases without a hitch.

The outage also affects Hitman 2016, Hitman 2, and IO Interactive accounts, likely because the developer is preparing for the launch of Hitman Trilogy, a bundle of all three Hitman games which launches on January 20 as well.

Hitman 3 Year Two kicks things off with a new game mode, Elusive Target Arcade. It tasks players with taking out a series of targets instead of just one, meaning map knowledge will be vital since preparation can only take you so far. PC VR for Hitman 3 launches this week as well, with a new game mode, Freelancer, coming later this year.