Hood: Outlaws & Legends Year 1 Pass Trailer includes new characters, maps, and more

The pass covers premium tracks for three seasons, plus a new Outlaw.


Image via Focus Home Interactive’s YouTube

The Year 1 Pass trailer for Hood: Outlaws & Legends reveals some of the content players can access if they purchase the pass or the Year 1 Edition of the game. The pass covers premium tracks for each of the first year’s seasons, plus much more.

The first season for Hood: Outlaws & Legends, Litha, is free for all players. The seasons that follow it, Samhain, Yule, and Ostara, will all feature their own season passes with optional cosmetic content for players to earn. The Year 1 Pass automatically enrolls players in the premium track. But there’s also a lot of free content coming to the game over the year.

The first major free expansion for the game is a new map, Mountain. It’s a treacherous area at the foot of a mountain where the Sheriff has moved in and taken over. The map provides extended sightlines in key areas to make moving through undetected easier for Outlaws such as the Ranger.

Litha also includes a free community event and a new game mode for all players to explore. The new game mode is slated as a much more action-oriented way to play the game and focus on PvP. The trailer ends with a look at a new playable Outlaw. While no details have been provided so far, the Outlaw looks like they’re based on the concept of a Saracen character being added to Robin Hood’s band of outlaws, though later interpretations of the original tales introduced this character.