Lost Ark May roadmap details new Legion Raid, Guardian Raid, and Destroyer class

A whole new way to play.

Image via Smilegate RPG

A new Lost Ark roadmap details many of the new gameplay additions and refinements coming in May. Throughout the month of May, players can expect to see some new features including a new Legion Raid, Valtan, and a new Guardian Raid, Deskaluda.

The biggest new content coming to Lost Ark in May is the new Legion Raid, Valkan. Valkan is the start of a new type of Raid called “Legion Raids,” which is a highly difficult Raid that requires tons of cooperation between you and your party. Valkan will come in two modes of difficulty: Normal Mode and Hard Mode. You need to be Item Level 1,415 to participate in Normal Mode and Item Level 1,445 to participate in Hard Mode.

A new Guardian Raid will also release for players who hit Item Level 1,415. Deskaluda is the newest Guardian Raid following Velganos. The release of Veltan and Deskaluda also introduces a new rarity of accessories known as “Relic Accessories,” which will see an increase in power compared to Legendary-tier gear.

Of course, the Destroyer class is one of the highlights of this update as well, bringing players a brand new character to mess around with. The Destroyer is coming in his reworked state from the Korean server, meaning players will mostly go in the blind while building this new character. This also means most guides about the Destroyer are probably outdated.

Other additions will include a new island, Wild Wings Island, new South Vern activities (Chaos Line hard mode, new Field Boss, South Vern level Chaos Gates, Chaos Dungeons, and Ghost Ship), new Guild Activities, a new way to equip skins, and some balance tuning and quality of life updates. You can read up on the entire roadmap here.