Minecraft makes world-building much easier by adding “placefeature” command

Make the world your own!

Image via Mojang

Minecraft is currently between two major updates, “The Caves and Cliffs” and “The Wild.” Yet, one of its most game-changing features has come in an intermediate update, snapshot 22W03A. This update doesn’t have flashy new biomes or brand-new enemies to fight, but it does have bug fixes along with something even more interesting, the “placefeature” command.

Basically, “placefeature” allows players to do exactly what it sounds like, place “features.” However, this command is more than just a variation of creative mode. It actually provides players with the ability to place lakes of lava, End islands, and monster rooms, along with simple things like trees and blocks.

Now, if the hope is players can use the “placefeature” command in place of all world-building modding tools, well, it might not be that simple. The Minecraft community has created extensive modding tools that can do more than just place features. But, at least this is a start for players who don’t want to install external mods.

In terms of what’s to come next for Minecraft, players can look forwards to the upcoming “The Wild” update, which is planned for release in 2022. The update will be focused on scary things and nature, according to developer Mojang, and will introduce the “deep dark biome.”