MLB The Show 22: Yordan Alvarez and Tim Anderson among new Diamond players in latest roster update

Five brand new Diamonds and some devastating downgrades.

Image via San Diego Studios

It’s the middle of May, and the daily grind of baseball is setting in. More and more players are reaching 100 at-bats this season, and the standings are starting to solidify. In order to reflect the change in the real world, MLB The Show 22 developer Sony San Deigo updates the Live Series set of cards about every two weeks. Here is a breakdown of some of the biggest movements in this latest roster update.

New Diamonds

  • Astros Left Feilder Yordan Alvarez (+2 to 86 OVR)
  • Cardinals Second Basemen Tommy Edman (+2 to 86 OVR)
  • White Sox Shortstop Tim Anderson (+3 to 85 OVR)
  • Padres Closer Taylor Rogers (+2 to 85 OVR)
  • Braves Closer Kenley Jason (+1 to 85 OVR)

These five are your marque upgrades but that doesn’t mean they are the only ones making big moves. Rockies First Basemen C.J Cron goes from 81 to 84 OVR. Also, Marlins Second Basemen Jazz Chisholm gets that same +3 movement as he goes from 80 up to 83. Finally, Yankees Right Fielder Aaron Judge gets a +2 to cross the 90 OVR plane into 91. Not everyone’s performance is up to snuff sadly. Here’s a list of notable downgrades from today.

Demotions and Downgrades

  • Rangers Second Basemen Marcus Semien (-2 to 83 OVR)
  • White Sox Closer Liam Hendriks (-3 to 83 OVR)
  • Royals Catcher Salvador Perez (-3 to 83 OVR)
  • Braves Second Basemen Ozzie Albies (-2 to 83 OVR)
  • Brewers Starting Pitcher Brandon Woodruff (-2 to 83 OVR)
  • Guardians Starting Pitcher Shane Beiber (-2 to 83 OVR)
  • Dodgers Shortstop Trea Turner (-3 to 85 OVR)

When you’re done buying and selling the winners and losers of today’s roster update you can check out our coverage of the new programs also released today. We have a complete breakdown of the May Monthly Awards, as well as a guide on how to get through the brand new Big Dog program.