MLB The Show 22’s first roster update news includes major upgrades to Byron Buxton, Franciso Lindor, and more

The first update of the year has over 300 changes.

Screenshot by DoubleXP

One of the most exciting parts of MLB The Show’s live content is the Live Series set. Live Series cards update based on a player’s real-world performance. We now have the first roster update along with an understanding of this year’s roster update cadence. This first update has hundreds of changes, and we’re here to help you see the important ones.

This year, paying attention to individual OVR has more meaning than ever, as each individual number in the 85+ diamond range has its own quick sell value, rather than the previous standard of 5,000 Stubs. We also learned that roster updates will come once every two weeks, according to the in-game banner. Here is a list of some of the most notable improvements from the first roster update:

  • Angles Center Fielder Mike Trout 97 OVR Increase of +2
  • Angles Starting Pitcher Shohei Ohtani 94 OVR increase of +1
  • Angels Closing Pitcher Raisel Iglesias 87 OVR Increase of +3 
  • Blue Jays Starting Pitcher Kevin Gausman 85 OVR Increase of +1
  • Twins Center Fielder Byron Buxton 89 OVR increase of +3
  • Giants Starting Pitcher Carlos Rodon 86 OVR increase of +3
  • Mets Shortstop Franciso Lindor 85 OVR increase of +3
  • Braves Second Basemen Ozzie Albies 85 OVR increase of +1
  • Yankees First Basemen Anthony Rizzo 84 OVR increase of +5

It wasn’t all champagne back at the clubhouse as some players did lose diamond status. Here they are:

  • Dodgers First Basemen Max Muncy 84 OVR decrease of -2
  • Astros Right Fielder Kyle Tucker 83 OVR decrease of -2
  • Mets Center Fielder Starling Marte 83 OVR decrease of -2
  • Blue Jays Shortstop Bo Bichette 83 OVR decrease of -2
  • White Sox Cater Yasmani Grandal  83 OVR decrease of -2
  • Phillies Pitcher Zach Wheeler 83 OVR decrease of -3

Remember to use this opportunity to sweep up any cards you are missing for collections. Even though Trout and Ohtani remain astronomically expensive there are still plenty of cards that just got cheaper. With the Spring Cleanup Program out plenty of Stubs and other great rewards are up for grabs.