Monster Hunter Stories 2 opening cinematic shows more of protagonists, mysterious Rathalos egg

The cinematic reveals how Ena received the egg.

Image via Capcom

The latest cinematic trailer for the upcoming JRPG, Monster Hunter Stories 2, was released earlier today and revealed more of the story. Through the trailer, we learn about the two main characters, a mysterious riderless dragon, and the egg that it entrusted the girl with. 

The opening starts with a young woman singing during a ceremony in a village. It then switches to Ena running from a group of soldiers before discovering a large, riderless dragon that she awakens with a bracelet. The dragon entrusts her with a Rathalos egg and then, before she can stop it, retaliates against the same group of soldiers who had been trying to subdue her.

One of them is the protagonist, a descendant of the legendary Rider from the original Monster Hunter Stories. The dragon takes off, and Ena is forced to flee with the egg as the protagonist watches her. The cinematic ends with the soldiers returning to the village and everyone looking on as dragons fly through the sky toward an unknown location.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 will be releasing for both Nintendo Switch and PC on July 9. The Switch will be getting a demo on June 25, and data from it will carry over to the main game. Watch the game’s story trailer that was released back in May, and check out the three amiibo that will accompany the game.