NBA 2K22 MyPlayer to feature Personal Brand system, added quests in The City

A new experience is coming.

Image from Take-Two

Over the past few weeks, 2K has gradually released new details on the latest NBA 2K22 game. SeasonsMyTeam, and gameplay changes have already been covered, but just three days before 2K22’s launch, the development team addressed MyPlayer as part of the latest Courtside Report blog. This year will feature many changes to MyPlayer, including modifications made to The City, how Seasons will be integrated into it, and the story arc for MyCareer.

In MyCareer, the featured player is MP, a star high school basketball player who has just moved to the City with his friend and business partner, Ricky Bennett. MP and Bennett want to take over the NBA and the music industry, and along the way, you will need to make decisions that will affect your Personal Brand and legacy on the court.

Personal Brand will play a role in how you get endorsements and what other opportunities you will get for your character off the court.

As we mentioned earlier, Seasons has been integrated into The City, which has received a brand-new look for 2021. Each season will feature seasonal quests, and throughout each period, NBA 2K players will be able to grind towards a level system that will grant new rewards. Progress and XP, per the devs, will also carry over into the following seasons.

Quests will once again play a big part in The City. Players will be able to interact with various characters as part of this system, and each one will vary in terms of outcome. NBA 2K users will be able to complete five daily Quests a day, and these challenges will yield Personal Brand points and XP, amongst other rewards.

We should also mention that some features from last year, including private courts and Affiliations, will be back for NBA 2K22. And, 2K also noted that cages are making a return in online play for NBA 2K22.

The City will be next-gen exclusive, but old-gen players will still get a taste of the open-world as well. The Neighborhood is back for old-gen consoles, and this year, it will be set on a massive boat. The Neighborhood features include the return of online play, lobbies, MyCourt, and the addition of season excursions that will take players to different locales.