New World players discover another gold duplication exploit

New World can’t catch a break.

Image via Amazon Games

Following a patch that was meant to fix an existing case of gold duplication, New World players have discovered a new exploit. With the new patch that disables player trading, multiple users have shared their experience through Reddit threads and the New World forums.

The new exploit involves examining the company wallet and ordering any town upgrade. Nothing special happens until players disconnect and reconnect to the servers or wait roughly half an hour according to one user on the New World forums. Upon reconnecting, the ordered upgrade is installed and the cost of the upgrade is reimbursed into players’ wallets.

This is especially concerning for the New World community because if it goes unsolved, it can negatively impact the in-game economy. There was originally some miscommunication with one community manager in the New World forums that thought the thread was about the previous gold exploit. However, a second community manager stated that they recently received a similar report and have passed it on to the developers. There is currently no word on how long it will take to resolve the issue.

The original gold duplication exploit involved the offline auction system. If an item was purchased while the seller was offline, the buyer would receive said item, meanwhile, the seller got no funds. In a temporary workaround, Amazon disabled all forms of player trading until they could find a fix. Unfortunately, it was after disabling trading that the new gold duplication exploit appeared.