NHL 21 patch 1.2 – Full patch notes

Patch 1.2 is a major one.

Patch notes for the latest NHL 21 patch have gone live, and this latest update includes a series of Be a Pro, Franchise, and cosmetic changes to the game. Among the most notable additions in this latest patch include the addition of the new Ottawa Senators jerseys, as well as the installation of a Trade Request Conversation option for Be a Pro. Additionally, the NHL team fixed a bug in Franchise Mode that caused early round prospects to not be scouted when using the Auto Scouting feature.

Patch 1.2 for NHL 21 will go live on November 5.



  • Updated shot quality impact for shots that are taken from non-ideal shot locations (reaching and shots in tight to the body)
  • Fixed a specific case where a penalty shot was called despite the player not having a clean break
  • Fixes for pickup consistency while the puck is around the net and goaltenders
  • Fixed a few specific pickups where tall players were having trouble picking up the puck 
  • Fixed some cases where reviewed goals were overriding goalie interference situations
  • Fixed a case where players were unable to get back on the ice after taking coincidental roughing penalties


  • Fixed a case where stick on stick contact wasn’t being recognized
  • Various post whistle and scrum player alignment fixes
  • Fixed various cases where players would lose the puck unintentionally when blending between animations
  • Fixed some cases where collisions along the boards were leading to either no hit reaction or a smaller reaction than expected
  • Fixes to pass blocks where the puck was able to get under/through the stick


  • Animation improvements to various goalie stances 
  • Added glove down butterfly proximity for old school goalie stances
  • Various goalie save animation improvements
  • Tuned Goalie redirects to avoid some rare collisions where they could redirect the puck off themself
  • Improvements to save selection for Human goalies
  • Reduced the chance of the AI goalie triggering a preemptive desperation save when they still have time to get back into position
  • General tuning for how the ai goalie tracks the puck
  • Various puck cover improvements 
  • Fixed an issue where the goalie would sometimes spin when attempting an on ice cover


  • Improved some Defensive AI gap control cases while defending against the rush 
  • Fixed a case where puck carriers could split the defensemen while the defenders switched their coverage on the rush
  • Improved weak side defender coverage in front of the net
  • Fixed an issue where a player would sometimes choose to start a net battle after starting to intercept which would unintentionally allow pucks through

Training Camp

  • Added videos to training camp for the new dekes introduced this year


  • Fixes for screen tearing with certain camera angles in various arenas
  • Various camera tuning
  • Added replays in the Pause Menu
  • Added the ability to skip NISes for rounds 1 and 2 of Eliminator Threes
  • Update to the bench camera within Be a Pro to give a better view of the action

World of CHEL


  • EASHL Club Finals history screen was added to showcase the top teams from each WoC Season
  • Added additional content into WoC for upcoming Chel Challenges. Check back often to collect the latest cool new content


  • Fixed an issue where the game would sometimes softlock if an opponent suddenly quit after starting a match 
  • Fixed a rare hang that occurs during the intro NIS of an EASHL game
  • Fixed an issue where the user would sometimes crash on the Post Game Screen
  • Fixed a rare crash that would sometimes occur when trying to back out of a post-matchup Dressing room
  • Fixed a rare issue where users would sometimes hang in a Threes Eliminator Club Dressing room
  • Fixed an issue where the title sometimes hangs during a 3v3 Drop-in game intro 
  • Fixed an issue where the dressing room host gets removed from the dressing room if an opponent team backs out at the matchup screen 
  • Fixed an issue where any user skater on the same EASHL Drop-In team can pull the user goalie at any point during a game
  • Fixed an issue where the Club Pants & Socks were not showing the correct club colors in the post matchup dressing room
  • Fixed an issue where the Player stamina and traits/specialties overlaps the goal scorer overlay
  • Fixed an issue where the Team overlay was overlapping the Round overlay in Threes Eliminator
  • Fixed the Player model overlapping the Player Name during the End of Game, Player of the Game Screen
  • Fixed an issue where the championship jerseys had a 20 instead of 21 for the jersey number
  • Fixed an issue where changing your gloves for a second time in Creation Zone was not equipping them 
  • Fixed an issue where custom logos and center ice lines were not showing up during games in users arena
  • Fixed an issue where the Club custom ice line was showing up in the Club Finals Arena
  • Fixed Club default search settings not carrying over to the Dressing room matchmaking settings 
  • Fixed an issue where players EASHL goal total during the game intro NIS would show as the combination of goals and assists 
  • Fixed an issue where the Opponents have their name cut off in the Pro-Am Dressing Room
  • Fixed an alignment issue for the Ones Eliminator player list in the abuse reporting 
  • Fixed an issue where the player progression screen referred to XP received from Chel Challenge cards as Rank Rewards 
  • To more easily read the Player Rank a thousand comma separator was added in the Player Summary Screen
  • To more easily read the Experience Points a thousand comma separator was added in the End of game screen when a user gains over 1,000 XP


  • Fix for an issue where defenders were not showing the correct line chemistry values.
  • Fix for an issue where Auto Scouting would not rope in early round prospects.
  • Fix for an issue where you were unable to see the goalie filter when assigning a scout.
  • Fix for an issue where LD and C are mislabeled in the edit lines screen.

Be A Pro

  • Suspected Fix for an issue where the users BAP player’s stamina would not decrease when on the ice.
  • Added in Neutral States to certain promises. For example, the user promises to be the 1 star of the game, the user will now receive lesser punishment for still performing well but not reaching the goal. Previously you would fail and get the full punishment.
  • Added in a Trade Request Conversation that can be accessed in the Main Hub in the user initiated conversation tab.
  • Added in new conversations to renew a re-occurring salary perk when it expires.
  • Added the ability to edit shot style and skating style post BAP creation.
  • Updated the user experience of the training screen.
  • Various miscellaneous fixes to conversations.



  • Removed the automatic pop-up when entering Edit Lines before advancing to a game
  • Press the Menu / Options Button to advance to game from Edit Lines
  • Made various bug fixes and visual tweaks to Base Items and Primetime Items

HUT Rush

  • Fixed an issue where Players would see the result of the previous game played after their opponent disconnected
  • Fixed an issue where the the Goal banner would display at the end of a game in HUT Rush Threes
  • Fixed an issue where the Goal banner for a Game Winning Goal would not display at the end of a game in HUT Rush Threes
  • Fixed an issue where one of two actions displayed in the points ticker at the same time had the incorrect display name
  • Fixed an issue where the game could continue without selecting a side after a controller disconnect
  • Fixed an issue where the camera would sometimes be zoomed in too much during the intro/outro in a 5v5 game

HUT Rivals 

  • Fixed an issue where only 1 Pack Reward per Rank was displayed

HUT Challenges 

  • Fixed an issue where Objectives visually appeared to unlock (while already being unlocked)

Play a Friend

  • Fixed an issue where a Player would get an error message trying to join a Play a Friend Game as the 3rd Player


  • Fixed an issue where the option to Filter Auction by Buy Now Price was missing


  • Fixed an issue where the duplicate icon was not present on duplicate players

Edit Player

  • Fixed Edit Player where the overalls are consistently shown between Creation zone and Menus.


Center Ice Changes

Updated the following Center Ice layouts:


  • Arizona Coyotes
  • Calgary Flames
  • Ottawa Senators


The following uniforms have been added or updated in NHL 21


  • Arizona Coyotes Home
  • Calgary Flames Home, Away and Alternate
  • Ottawa Senators Home and Away
  • Vegas Golden Knights Alternate


  • Greenville Swamp Rabbits Home, Away and Alternate
  • Maine Mariners Alternate


  • Djurgarden Hockey Home and Away
  • Farjestads BK Home and Away
  • Orebro Hockey Home, Away and Alternate
  • Rogle BK Home and Away
  • Skelleftea AIK Home and Away


  • KalPa Kuopio Home and Away
  • Mikkelin Jukurit Home and Away
  • SaiPa Home and Away
  • TPS Turku Home and Away


  • Dornbirn Bulldogs Home and Away
  • EC-KAC Home and Away
  • EC VSV Home and Away
  • EC Red Bull Salzburg Home and Away
  • EHC Linz Home and Away
  • Hydro Fehervar AV19 Home and Away
  • HC TWK Innsbruck Home and Away
  • Graz 99ers Home and Away
  • SPUSU Vienna Capitals Home and Away
  • HCB Sudtirol Alperia Home and Away


  • Almstuna IS Home and Away
  • BIK Karlskoga Home and Away
  • HC Vita Hasten Home and Away
  • IF Bjorkloven Home and Away
  • Kristianstads IK Home and Away
  • MODO Hockey Home and Away
  • Mora IK Home and Away
  • Sodertalje SK Home and Away
  • Timra IK Home and Away
  • Tingsryds AIF Home and Away
  • Vasteras IK Home and Away


  • EHC Biel Home and Away
  • EV Zug Home and Away
  • HC Ambri-Piotta Home and Away
  • HC Davos Home and Away
  • HC Fribourg-Gotteron Home and Away
  • HC Lugano Home and Away
  • Geneve-Servette HC Home and Away
  • Lausanne HC Home and Away
  • SC Bern Home and Away
  • SCL Tigers Home and Away
  • Rapperswil-Jona Lakers Home and Away
  • ZSC Lions Home and Away


  • Hockey Canada Alternate


  • Fixed an issue where the 2016-17 Detroit Red Wings Home Jersey had stretched Numbers and Letters
  • Updated the Florida Panthers Scoreboard and Power Ring Video Art
  • Updated the All-Star team’s arena to be the Enterprise Center in St. Louis
  • Fixed the All-Stars Home Arena where it was showing an international goal crease and missing trapezoid