No news at EA’s first annual Skate Day, says Skate developers

Don’t get your hopes up for the upcoming event.


Image via EA

The official Skate Twitter account posted a promotional image for the first annual Skate Day, which is set to take place on September 14. This community event is meant to act as a celebration of the Skate franchise. The bottom of the promotional image details that there won’t be news on the next game at the event.

The next Skate game is in development by the newly formed Vancouver-based Full Circle studio. This team is comprised of new employees and former EA Blackbox veterans. Full Circle was formed to work on the next iteration of Skate with the hopes of making it into a franchise again.

The next Skate’s console platforms haven’t been specified, but given how early it is in development, fans should expect it to arrive exclusively on next-generation platforms. Full Circle has only specified PC, which marks the first time a Skate game will release on that platform.

Full Circle seems committed to making a worthy follow-up to the Blackbox original franchise. Through its heartfelt “we’re working on it” trailer, released this July, the team announced a collaborative development cycle between them and notable Skate content creators. To the studio, getting feedback from the community that kept the series relevant in the YouTube space is key to creating a worthy successor.

While each Skate game featured online play, each successive entry leaned more heavily on this online component with Skate 3’s entire campaign revolving around competing teams. Based on statements from the developer, that heavy online focus should expect to make a return.