Platinum Games’ Newest Title Astral Chain Unveiled: Release Date and Details


PlatinumGames newest game has been revealed in the latest Nintendo Game.

Astral Chain was unveiled; it appears to be an action-adventure hack and slash game that is similar to Bayonetta and certain portions in Nier: Automata. The aesthetics of Astral Chain is very anime. Similar anime aesthetics can be seen games like God Eater.

Astral Chain

The focus of Astral Chain is all about facing against an alien race that has invaded a futuristic city. You play as some special kinds of police officers, who use special weapons to face off against the aliens. You fight along with some mechanical beasts. The game looks very stylish, with a lot of fast pace action.

Astral Chain is set to release exclusively on the Nintendo Switch in August 30th of this year.

More to follow.