Pokémon Arceus: Legends’ new Hisui forms appears to leak online

The mystery of what the new Hisuian Pokémon forms might have already been spoiled.

Screenshot from Pokemon Legends Arceus

Image via Nintendo

Ahead of the Pokémon Legends: Arceus release on January 28, a handful of leaks have been pouring out as a handful of players acquire the game well before it officially arrives. Yesterday, a handful of leakers were able to contact someone who received a physical copy of the game before going dark. But today, more copies of the game have reached leakers and data miners, and supposedly all of the new Hisui forms have arrived, including the new starter evolutions for Rowlett, Oshawott, and Cyndaquil, including Hisui forms for Dialga and Palkia.

Leakers shared the screenshots and images of these Hisui forms and starter evolutions on various social media accounts. We do not have a copy of the game, so we cannot confirm the validity of these images or know that these are the confirmed starter evolutions or new Hiusi forms. Many of the images are quickly deleted by the leakers who post them, though.

These are the supposed final evolutions for Rowlett, Oshawott, and Cyndaquil. Alongside them are the supposed Dialga and Palkia Hisui forms, with a new legendary Pokémon that has two forms.

These are the new final evolutions for Sneasel, the second legendary Pokémon evolution, and the Qwilfish evolution.

These are the Hisuian forms for Electrode, Basculegion, and the legendary Pokémon.

These are of the upcoming Hisuian forms of Sliggoo and Goodra.

There are multiple leaked images of these Pokémon, including the full PokéDex for Pokémon Legends: Arceus. All of this information comes from various leakers, so the details must be taken with a grain of salt. We cannot confirm the validity of this information.

If these are true, we recommend Pokémon fans avoid social media for the next week or so until the game officially releases on January 28 for the Nintendo Switch.