Pokémon Go February 2022 events include Tour: Johto, Lunar New Year, and shiny Deoxys raids

Prepare your raid passes for Legendary Pokémon this February.

Image via Niantic

For February 2022, players in Pokémon had better save up their raid passes and prepare to take on some of the most desired five-raids coming to the game. Not only will Regirock and Registeel be making appearances, but Deoxys in normal, attack, defense, and speed forme will appear, with the chance to be a shiny version. There’s also the upcoming Tour: Johto event, Lunar New Year, and Hoppip’s Community Day to make the final month of the Season of Heritage one to remember.

For those eager to jump into the Deoxys raids, they will not be appearing until later in the month. Before them, Regirock will be appearing on February 1, followed by Registeel starting on February 9. After Registeel’s been around for roughly a week, Normal Forme Deoxys will appear on February 16, with Attack Forme Deoxys on February 19, Defense Forme Deoxys on February 22, and Speed Forme Deoxys on February 25. All Deoxys have the chance to be shiny versions.

Those are the significant raids in February, but players can also look forward to the Lunar New Year event from February 1 to 7. After that, the Valentine’s Day event will be happening from February 10 to 14, with Love Cup releasing alongside the Master Cup on February 4.

Hoppip’s February Community Event will be happening on February 12. If players evolve a Hoppip into a Jumpluff, it will learn the Flying-type charged move acrobatics.

To wrap up the final week of February, we have the Tour: Johto event. This is a ticketed event, so players will need to make sure they purchase it before the event kicks off on February 26, giving players the chance to capture all of the Pokémon from the Johto region, along with appearances by Raikou, Entei, Suicune, Lugia, and Ho-Oh during the tour from 9 AM to 9:30 PM in your local time zone.

February 2022 is set to be a full month for Pokémon Go players. Make sure to grab what items you can to prepare for all of the upcoming Pokémon, and prepare for the arrival of the next season starting on March 1.