PS3 games have been appearing on the PS5 store, hinting at possible backward compatibility

The blast from the past we’ve been waiting to see?

Image via PlayStation

Backward compatibility has been a feature many Sony fans have been hoping for ever since Microsoft implemented it many years ago. Yet, there haven’t been many meaningful strides outside of PS Now, but that could be changing very soon.

Recently, as pointed out by Twitter user Gameriot, some Playstation games not available in PS Now have been showing up on the PS5 store. Yet, unlike games currently in PS Now which contain a PS Now badge, these games merely have a price tag, as you can see below.

Now, on its own, this could be a visual bug or possibly just an honest mistake, as buying the games in question doesn’t work. However, with the other rumors tying Playstation to backward compatibility, it does seem like we are moving towards something big.

Earlier in December, we heard rumors about Sony’s intentions to create an Xbox Game Pass competitor codenamed Spartacus. The creation of this service would effectively end PS Now and create a new service comparable to Game Pass. Now, this seems to be coming to fruition with Sony removing PS Now cards from stores across the globe. Coincidentally, there have also been rumors of backward compatibility surrounding this new service.

Additionally, Sony’s PS5 system architect Mark Cerny filed a patent earlier this week titled “backward compatibility through the use of spoof clock and fine grain frequency control.” Therefore, it seems all signs are pointing towards the adoption of a more expansive PlayStation backward compatibility program.