PUBG Mobile 1.1 beta update – patch notes

Test the features of PUBG Mobile 1.1 update before its global release.

PUBG Mobile 1.1 beta update will be released this week, and players who have access to the beta version can test the latest features of the game before they are released globally and send feedback directly to the developers. The early patch notes of the upcoming beta update have been released officially. 

New Metro Royale Mode

  • New Maps: Two new maps will be added to the game. Though the names or any other information about the maps have not been revealed.
  • New Equipment: New Thermal Sight, Night Vision equipment will be introduced to the game along with a new Tikka Rifle which is a bolt-action rifle.
  • New Challenges: Agile bandits and special monsters will be there to attack the players and will reduce the HP.

Metro Royale Non-Battle System

  • New System (Mode Loadout): The players will be able to configure their loadout before entering the match.
  • New System (Black Market): The Black Market is the exclusive Metro Royale shop that will include exclusive in-game items including outfits, skins, and much more.

Classic Mode Themed Gameplay

  • Winter Festival: New winter castle paradise
  • Visit the Winter Festival hut and gift pine tree

Classic Mode Additions & Improvements

  • New item: Spike Trap that can puncture the tires of any vehicle that runs over it.
  • Melee weapons can now be thrown at the enemies and they can also be picked up and put into players’ backpacks.