Sea of Thieves will have world-changing “Adventure” events, starting with Shrouded Islands next month

A Pirate’s Life for Me.

Image via Rare

The Sea of Thieves preview event has aired as promised, and a slew of upcoming content for the game has been revealed. This includes new narrative-driven events known as “Adventures,” with the first one, Shrouded Islands, arriving in the game on February 17. Shrouded Island will be a limited-time event about Flameheart’s attempt to regain his lost powers and will only last until March 3.

The developers at Rare intend to release a new Adventure every month and plan to have a finale Adventure in each Season. Adventure events have players interact with the changing world of the game and are more story-driven than most other events in Sea of Thieves.

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Another new feature revealed in the Preview Event is Mysteries, which are riddles and secrets that players can discover and piece together to solve a, well, mystery. The first mystery will revolve around uncovering a plot “behind a murder most foul.”

Sea of Thieves will continue releasing seasons, with Season Six starting sometime in March. Appropriately, the upcoming season will bring six new Sea Forts where players can battle new captains and phantoms. Also part of Season Six is new Pirate Legend content, in which high-level players can take Athena’s Fortune assignments from the Pirate Lord and discover new story details about the world.

Rare also shared a road map for all future seasons in 2022, showing that each season will have three Adventures and new mysteries. Season Seven will launch in June, Season Eight will launch in September, and Season Nine will launch in December.

Image via Rare

Despite all the new content coming to the game, Sea of Thieves will also be unfortunately getting rid of The Arena mode. The reason given was that only about 2% of the player base regularly engages with the mode, and it became unreasonable to keep it running. Arena Mode will remain open until March 10.