Terraria and Don’t Starve share crossover monsters for Halloween

It’s all about the eyes.

Image via Klei

It’s that time of year again — studios are getting in on the Halloween spirit by adding spooky content to their various games. Terraria developer Re-Logic and Don’t Starve developer Klei are trick-or-treating together with some crossover creatures.

As teased on Twitter, Terraria’s Eye of Cthulhu is coming to Don’t Starve. This floating eyeball is one Terraria’s early bosses, and it can phase through blocks and spawn mini-eyeballs to swarm you. It can also be summoned with a certain item, though that doesn’t sound very wise. The Don’t Starve team clearly did summon one though, because we got to see the Eye of Cthulhu pop into that game, rendered in a new style to match the Don’t Starve aesthetic.

Meanwhile, the Deerclops from Don’t Starve will be making its way to Terraria. In Don’t Starve, the one-eyed, horned monster is very dangerous, as it can destroy your buildings and trees. Even just being near it affects your character’s sanity. At least it only spawns in Don’t Starve’s winter season — until now, since it’s coming to Terraria. The teaser tweet includes a glimpse of the monster in Terraria’s 16-bit look.

Halloween is pretty well-celebrated in the video game world. Re-Logic and Klei are just two of the many developers adding scary content to their games. Splitgate became Spookygate by decorating a map with jack-o-lanterns, while Grand Theft Auto Online brought ghost cars and slashers to its streets.