The Division 2 Season 9 adds new target, mode, and more this week

Captain Lewis is coming.

Image via Ubisoft

Ubisoft has kept The Division 2 going with title updates and seasonal content for a few years now, and that trend will continue through 2022 at the least. Seasons 9, 10, and 11 are all arriving this year, and Season 9 kicks things off this week.

Titled Hidden Alliance, Season 9 focuses on Captain Lewis, the leader of the True Sons. He has the spotlight in the season’s overview trailer, and he’ll be your primary target in the new content. As Ubisoft further explains in a blog post, the manhunt “will be shifting to a much smaller area” of the game’s map, “instead of all 12+ districts of Washington.” Even so, Lewis and the True Sons are taking over the town for Season 9, so you’ll face the lieutenants in takeover missions that the repopulate main ones from the campaign.

Along with the story hook come new a new mode and feature. Countdown is a co-op mode in which eight players work together to stabilize a plant before it locks down after a 15-minute timer. Then there’s Expertise, which allows players to further customize their gear. With this feature, you can upgrade specific stats of individual gear pieces, letting you maximize damage output, damage reduction, and more.

All of this kicks off on Thursday, May 12 when Season 9 arrives. Mid-season apparel events are also planned, and they’re teased in the overview trailer. Fairview Crew arrives on May 24, about two weeks after the season begins. Street Activation begins later, on July 5.