Twitter made its own video game, apparently

Welcome to Twitter Data Dash.

Image via Twitter

Twitter is an excellent source of information for the gaming scene. Between following hashtags, reading the thoughts of individual developers, and being able to message major studios, it’s a good platform for staying on top of video game news. Apparently, it’s also a platform that makes its own games now. Say hello to Twitter Data Dash.

Twitter recently updated its privacy policy — you may have already seen the pop-up if you’ve logged on to the social media site recently. What you might not have seen is Twitter’s specific thread about the policy changes. “Privacy isn’t a game,” it says, “but we did make one to help you understand the more complex parts of our privacy policy and how you can take control of your experience on Twitter.” Attached to that message is a link to and trailer for Twitter Data Dash, a browser game that the site hopes you will “play and learn” from. The trailer gives quick glimpses of the game’s four levels, which deal with privacy topics like ads, direct messages, ownership, and trolls. See for yourself below:

Anyone can play the game in their web browser by following the Twitter Data Dash link. The platformer, playable in nine different languages, stars the cutesy canine named Data the Dog. The art style is very reminiscent of indie games — Twitter is clearly trying to win brownie points with this whole setup.

It’s a good time to capitalize on the indie game look: Nintendo’s latest Indie World Showcase aired the same day that Twitter Data Dash was revealed. Around 20 different games were part of the showcase, from previously announced titles like Cult of the Lamb and Ooblets to new ports like Mini Motorways and Totally Accurate Battle Simulator. Those hoping to see Hollow Knight: Silksong are unfortunately out of luck once again. That much-anticipated game still has no release date.