Use any Elden Ring weapon or spell you want with this new PC mod

No requirements? Yes, please.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Elden Ring’s beauty is in offering so many different ways to explore its vast world. Magic builds have a wide selection of spells to sling, while melee players get a whole armory full of weapons to wield. But what if you want to see what the other side has to offer? Everything has a stat requirement in Elden Ring, so if your strength, dexterity, faith, or any other stat isn’t up to snuff, you’re out of luck. You could respec your stats, sure, but PC players can go a different route.

Modder xxdarki has them covered with a new NexusMods creation. The clearly titled “Remove sorceries, incantations, and weapon stats requirement” mod does exactly what it says — removes any requirements for any of the aforementioned items. Furthermore, it makes all spells take up only a single slot, including legendary ones like the Flame of the Fell God incantation.

As with any Elden Ring mod, you’re going to need to play offline to make use of this. In this case, the caveat should be understandable — you wouldn’t want to encounter an invader who can wield literally any weapon or spell in the game. Once you’re offline, you can enjoy plenty of other Elden Ring mods too, from fun reskins like the Master Sword and Hylian Shield to practical additions like photo mode.