Xbox Game DVR Twitter sharing isn’t going away after all, due to fan outcry

“Thanks for your feedback.”

A few weeks ago, Xbox Insiders got a preview of the console’s next update. The ability to share captured video clips directly to Twitter had been removed, leading to a lot of disappointed Xbox fans on Reddit and Twitter. Sharing on social media is a key component of gaming today, and seeing it cut back was disappointing. Fortunately, that change to Game DVR has been reversed.

Xbox Insider lead Brad Rossetti confirmed the reversal on Twitter. “That change is being reverted to the previous behavior,” Rossetti said, and it’s happening today, March 30. “Thanks for your feedback on the Twitter share feature change,” the programmer adds. “Feedback” is a nice way to put it — people were quite unhappy with the change.

Of course, there’s plenty more going on behind the scenes at Xbox. Mouse and keyboard support for Xbox Cloud Gaming is in the works, and a new cloud publishing wing of Xbox Game Studios has been introduced. The latter will work with both triple-A and indie developers to create “cloud-native titles exclusively” for Xbox consoles and PC.

The goal there is to keep bolstering Game Pass. Even though Xbox boss Phil Spencer said it’s not the only way Microsoft intends “to win” as a company, it’s still its flagship program. Game Pass had more than 25 million subscribers as of January of this year.