Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel update adds new Solo Mode gates, bans cards from Duels, and more

A masterful update.

Image via Konami

Konami has released a brand-new Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel update today, which brings with it the free-to-play card game’s first-ever banlist as well as new content. After downloading the update, you’ll find new Solo Mode gates to play through, new cards, and more. It’s a major new patch that shakes up the game’s meta.

The major talking point regarding the new update has to be its implementation of a banlist. A bunch of cards have now been either banned from Duels entirely or have limited use. Cards affected include Cyber Angel Benten and D.D. Dynamite. The full list of affected cards, with more details on the banlist, can be found on the list we’ve put together.

Fortunately, the new update doesn’t just ban cards. Two new Solo Mode gates have been added to Master Duel. The new Solo Mode gates are “Danger” and “Duel Strategy 2.” Both the new single-player gates include new tutorial-based missions to complete as well as rewards to unlock when you do so. 

Along with new missions to complete, the Master Duel update also adds new cards that you can get from the in-game shop, including the Cyberdark End Dragon. The Destroyer Pheonix Enforcer has also been added to the game. “Refined Blade” and “Fusion Potential” Selection Packs as well as the “Cybernetic Successor” Structure Deck can all now be purchased via the in-game store, too.

As this is an update, you’ll find various different optimizations and changes have been made, too, to make for a smoother playing experience. Unfortunately, none of the optimizations have been detailed. On top of it all, too, a 3-month anniversary login bonus is happening right now (along with a Gem sale), gifting everyone 1,000 Gems for simply logging in.