Serious Sam 4 rated for PS5 in Germany

Serious Sam makes a comeback.

Serious Sam 4 PC requirements - minimum and recommended specs

Image via Steam

Nine years after the series’ third entry, Croteam finally released Serious Sam 4 in September of last year. It launched exclusively on Steam and Google Stadia despite the initial announcement of Xbox One and PlayStation 4 ports. While those versions have yet to resurface, evidence suggests a Serious Sam 4 console release hasn’t been entirely abandoned.

Serious Sam 4 has been rated by the German classification board, the USK, for PlayStation 5. When searching for Serious Sam 4 on the USK website, both Google Stadia and PlayStation 5 versions are listed. This is especially noteworthy considering the radio silence surrounding any console iteration in the time since last year’s launch.

At some point during the development process, Devolver Digital reportedly reached a deal with Google to prevent Serious Sam 4 from releasing on consoles at least until 2021. The German USK listing might suggest that last-gen versions were scrapped in favor of the current-generation consoles. It’s also possible that it might end up becoming a cross-gen title like so many others. While console players still have to wait for the fourth game, they did at least get the Serious Sam Collection the same year Serious Sam 4 came to PC.