How to add friends on Rainbow Six Mobile

It’s better with friends.

Image via Ubisoft

While it might not be too familiar for people to play an online multiplayer game with a friend on their phone, more games are allowing it to happen. Rainbow Six Mobile is a mobile rework of Rainbow Six Siege, the console and PC game. Both games allow you to form squads of up to five people as you jump into games and work to win rounds. However, Rainbow Six Mobile does not have your PlayStation or Xbox friend list at the ready, so you will need to add them on this service. Here is how to add your friends on Rainbow Six Mobile.

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How to add your friends on Rainbow Six Mobile

While Rainbow Six Mobile takes your Ubisoft Connect account for you to play, it does not automatically transfer your friend list. You will have to add them in the game separate from your Connect friend list.

When you start up the game, click the Friends button in the top right corner of the screen next to Settings. Here you will see any online friends and can send them invites to join your party. Click Add Friend, and you will have a new page to input a friend’s ID code. To give your code to another friend, you can find yours above the search bar on this page. If anyone adds you as a friend, you can find their invite in the Inbox.

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After you have people on your friend list, you can either invite or accept invites from them to play matches together. Your squad can have up to five total people in it at a time. Remeber that each team can only choose one of each operator, so be sure to try and play with people who play different characters than you so that you don’t steal each other’s picks.