How to complete The Wrong Hands, Part 2 quest in Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodhunt

Time to grab the backpack.


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You can pick up The Wrong Hands, Part 2 quest from Kiril in Elysium in Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodhunt. After completing The Wrong Hands, Part 1, he discovered that his thrall didn’t actually leave anything on his bike. Instead, he left something vital in a backpack on his scooter. This guide explains how to find that scooter and complete the quest since locating the scooter can be tricky.

How to retrieve the backpack

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The main goal of this quest is to retrieve the backpack that’s on the thrall’s scooter. Once you’ve picked the quest up, you’ll get a new red square icon highlighting Rudolfinum on your map. This is where the backpack has been abandoned, but it’s not that easy to find, even with the marker. No matter where you look in the area, you won’t find the backpack. The key to completing this quest is to head into the underground car park.

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You’ll need to find one of the ramps or staircases that lead down to the car park to access it. There’s a large ramp where cars usually access it or a couple of staircases to the sides of the area that will also let you in through open doors. The backpack is on the left-hand side of the car park up against a wall, right next to the scooter the thrall left. You’ll need to interact with the blue orb to pick it up. Then you can get on with the rest of the match. Once you’ve completed the match, return to Elysium to hand the quest in to Kirill.