How to get the Chica skin in Fortnite

Play as popular Puerto Rican streamer Chica in Fortnite.

Image via Epic Games

Maria Lopez, better recognized as Chica to fans, is a popular Puerto Rican Twitch streamer known for streaming Fortnite on her channel. The content creator has 2.2 million followers on the platform, and due to her success, she has been able to collaborate with Epic Games on getting her own skin in Fortnite.

Where to find Chica Skin

Maria Lopez skin is available for purchase through the Fortnite item shop. Compared to every other creator who has received their own skin in the game, Chicas has the most options. Once you buy the skin, there are three different styles to choose from. The first has her wearing a cropped jacket, the second a black trench coat, and then the last has her in the same coat, but the lapel and cuffs are rainbow-colored, which is probably a connection to her LGBTQ+ background. On top of the three styles, there are also three headwear options. The first is simply no headwear, with the second and third has Chica wearing sunglasses and a mask, respectively.

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Where to find Chica’s Star back bling

Along with the skin is the Chica’s Star back bling which depicts a star with the Puerto Rican country colors and the option for a rainbow hologram style. The Chica bundle available for 1,800 v-bucks comes with the Aida’s Edge harvesting tool, and The Pollo Dance emote. The Pollo Dance emote is based onĀ The Chicken Dance, created by accordion player Werner Thomas.

Can you purchase Chica’s items separately?

If you want to purchase any of Chica’s items separately, you can do that. The skin, harvesting tool, and emote for 1,500, 800, and 300 each. The Chica skin will not be in the shop forever but will likely return in the future as more content creator skins are introduced to the game.