How to get the Staff of Loss in Elden Ring

Become the magical assassin.

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There are many staves that you can choose from in Elden Ring. While some of these staves are for high-profile sorcerers, others are for sorcerers who like to keep a low profile. Some might say, they prefer not to be seen at all. The Staff of Loss is meant for those who aim to be assassins. This staff boosts the effectiveness of invisibility sorceries like Night Comet and Night Shard by giving them a 30% boost in power. This is also one of the few staves that can be infused with an Ash of War. Here is how you can get the Staff of Loss in Elden Ring.

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To obtain the Staff of Loss, you will need to make your way to the Caelid region. This is the region to the east of Limgrave and the Mistwood. You will know when you reach the area because the ground will turn a reddish color. Once you reach Caelid, you will need to head south and either make your way around the swamp or go through the swamp. If you go through the swamp, make sure to avoid the Commander O’Neil boss fight unless you are prepared for it. When you reach Sellia, Town of Sorcery, your journey will be complete.

After entering Sellia, make your way to the back of the town to where the large staircase is. At the top of the staircase will be a Golden Seed. From that platform, use Torrent to jump over to the nearby building to the southwest. Once you are on the rooftop, look over the edge to find a body draped over the railing of a small balcony. Drop down to the balcony and pick up the item to get the Staff of Loss. Now you can become the magical assassin you’ve always wanted to be.