All Forpe Island Mokoko Seeds in Lost Ark

After all, chickens really like seeds.

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A fowl-infested territory, much of the landscape of Forpe caters itself to the physical dynamics and abilities of its local chickens. As an added bonus, Forpe’s Mokoko Seeds are conveniently hidden in locations that only a chicken could reach.

Seeds 1 and 2: Chicken in a crawlspace

Screenshot by DoubleXP

Toward the west side of the island, players may notice a small bulge on the mini-map that protrudes north. This small outcrop culminates in a sheer rock wall, with a tiny crawl-space at the bottom.

The player is far too large to crawl through this tiny hole in their human form, but opening the chests located around the island can conveniently turn the player into a tiny chicken. Once a chicken, they can confidently — albeit slowly — strut their way into the cave formed behind this wall, revealing a pair of hidden Mokoko Seeds.

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Seeds 3 and 4: Another two-piece chicken

Screenshot by DoubleXP

Similarly to the northwestern location, another chicken-sized cavern exists at the western tip of Forpe’s northeast clearing. Once again, this space holds two more Mokoko seeds.

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Seeds 5 and 6: Poultry power

Screenshot by DoubleXP

A small bandit camp exists to the island’s southeast, complete with a fire pit, treasure, barrels, and a well-stocked weapon rack. This weapon rack, however, can absorb incoming damage — a lot of incoming damage, in fact. Bashing on it with your class’s best skills will only prove so destructive, and the rack will tend to hold steady.

However, transforming into a chicken has its benefits, including the ability to explode for incredibly high damage. Kiting one of the nearby ruffians or guard dogs into the rack and unleashing the chicken’s explosive power can destroy it, revealing a platforming location that leads to another pair of Mokoko Seeds sitting on the cliffs overhead.

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