How to heal HP in-between levels in Loot River

Save your potions for when you need them.

Loot River screenshot; protagonist is on a floating platform

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In Loot River, you’ll want to preserve your health at all costs as you venture through the game’s procedurally-generated dungeons. There are plenty of hard-hitting, fast-moving enemies that are liable to rough you up a good deal by the time you finish a level. If you’re running low on HP at the end of a level, you might be tempted to use one of your potions to replenish your health. However, by returning to the Sanctuary’s hub area before heading to the next level, you can fully restore your HP, allowing you to preserve your precious potions.

At the end of a level, you’ll take an elevator back up to the Sanctuary. Here, you should see the NPC Soap. Instead of riding the elevator up once more to the next level, look around for a narrow path; this will lead you back to the Sanctuary’s hub area.

Protagonist walks back to the Sanctuary
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Now that you’re back in town, head over to the giant head sticking out of the ground. Stand in front of it, and its eyes should ignite with flames. Your HP will then be restored.

We recommend you do this any time you wrap up a level. It will always put you in a better position to survive the onslaught of tough foes the game likes to throw at you.

Protagonist stands in front of an in-ground, giant head
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Another good way to keep your HP up is by doubling your potions, which you can do by speaking with Soap prior to starting a level. Additionally, if you can get perfect parrying down or unlock the right weapons/spells, you should be in a good position to make it through the game while taking as little damage as possible.