Roblox Gym Realms codes (May 2022)

Get big with these codes for Roblox Gym Simulator.

Image via Roblox

Roblox Gym Realms is all about lifting weights, running, and doing exercises to become the strongest, fastest, and biggest person in the game. On your journey to peak physical health, why not use some codes to make it a little easier? These codes are a good way to earn you more strength and gems to redeem in the game for multiple rewards. These are the best codes for you to use in Roblox Gym Realms.

How to enter codes in Roblox Gym Realms

When you’re ready to redeem any available codes, you want to make sure your launch Roblox Gym Realms and do it while playing the game. After logging in to the game, you can find the codes page on the left side of your screen. A Twitter bluebird icon will outline it. Once you’ve clicked it, you can type in any available codes we’ve posted below. We recommend treating these codes as case-sensitive, minding the capital and lowercase letters in each code.

You may also want to check out the developer’s Twitter page, @Bxnan_a. You need to be an approved follower to view any of the tweets sent by this account, but some should contain codes you can use in Roblox Gym Realms.

Active Roblox Gym Realms codes

  • Summer2021 – 100 Gems and 50 Strength
  • 100kFavsGR – 100 Gems and 50 Strength
  • Jungle – 50 strength and 100 gems
  • Bosses – 50 strength and 100 gems
  • NorthPole – 50 strength and 100 gems
  • MUSCLES – 50 strength (must join Gym Realms Roblox group)
  • Simulator – 1 strength and 1 gem
  • Candyland – 50 strength and 100 gems

Expired Codes

  • RazorFishGaming – 50 gems
  • RELEASE – free gems and strength
  • soonTM – 25 strength and 100 gems

Why won’t my Roblox Gym Realms codes work?

There are a few reasons why you might be encountering issues with any of the codes we’ve posted for you to use. The first reason could be the developers have replaced several of the older codes with new ones, which is a typical practice by many Roblox developers. These codes may have cycled out between our updates for this article. The second reason is you may have already redeemed the code on your account. Many of the Roblox codes posted by the developers are a one-time use for any account, preventing you from using it multiple times.

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